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The Story Behind The Dead Island Trailer

The trailer for Dead Island is changing lives. I mean, lets be honest here. The video on youtube has gotten 2.5 million views already, and that isn’t counting the countless times it has been viewed on hundreds of other websites. So, what’s the story behind the video?

Uk based animation studio known as Axis were the ones who created the trailer for publisher Deep Silver. The trailer was directed by Axis owner Stuart Aitken, and produced by Richard Scott, who had this to say: “As we started to collaborate with the Deep Silver team on the story ideas and creative treatments we felt that there was something else special about this opportunity.” Scott continues.

“Deep Silver were really keen to create something different, something that would really stand out and when they put forward the initial idea for the ‘reverse’ sequence I saw the seed of something great there.” said Axis director Stuart Aitken.

“We are blown away by the reaction to the trailer and look forward to continuing the strong relationship with Dead Island and Deep Silver.” said Axis Producer Andrew Pearce.

“Axis exceeded all our high expectations and then some on this project and really hit this one out of the park.” said Global Business Development Director and acting producer on the project Malte Wagener of Deep Silver.

After reading that, it only gets me more and more excited for the game. The fact that they want to take the game in a totally different direction than most zombie games is awesome. That they want to make it more serious, and real, but while keeping the gore and reality of the zombies there as well.



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