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Like I Said, Dead Island Is On Course To Take Over The World



I’d like to personally thank Dead Island, Techland, Deep Silver, yadda yadda, for getting us so many news articles this month, and so many more hits. So we all know how fucking incredible the Dead Island trailer is right? Well if you still don’t know by now, god damn shame on you watch it below. The stats on this trailer and the game are unreal. Techland better deliver or they are never going to hear the end of it.

Over 3.2 MILLION tweets about the game. Celebrities are tweeting, huge gaming industry names, EVERYONE. It’s almost unanimous that this is one of the best trailers of all time for anything ever. From movies to tv to video games, this thing cannot be stopped. Head past the break to see exactly how unstoppable this game is.
Since its release the game and the trailer were prominently featured everywhere:
– more than 100.000 fans on the official Facebook page ( in less than a week
– listed in the “Most Popular” category of YouTube, more than 2.7 million viewers and constantly rising
– featured on movie media like Variety, Ain’t-It-Cool-News, Empire and SFX Magazine, and non-gaming media like The Guardian and The Independent
– immediately listed in the “Top 10 trending topics” on Twitter and close to 3.2 million Tweets about the game
– Tweeted by world famous entertainment stars like:

* Simon Pegg (Actor: “Shaun of the Dead”, “Star Trek”) (
* Zachary Levi (Actor: “Chuck”) ( “Possibly the greatest trailer I’ve ever seen. For any project. Ever.”
* Ice-T (Musician, Actor) (
* Hideo Kojima (Game Designer: “Metal Gear Solid”) (
* Graham Linehan (Creator: “The IT Crowd”) (

The L.A. Times asks if this could be “The best trailer in years?”

CBS News ask: “Will Video Game Trailer Make You Cry Like a Baby?”

The New York Post says: “I want to visit Dead Island”

“We knew that we had something very unique with this trailer and we are very pleased by the positive feedback we received to the reveal of Dead Island and to its trailer.”, says Georg Larch, International Marketing Director of Deep Silver. “The trailer conveys the mood that the player will experience when their ingame character arrives on the island and suddenly this tropical holiday paradise turns into hell.”


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