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If You Want More Dead Space 2 DLC Than You Should Definitely Buy Severed



In case you’ve been living cosily under the mangled corpse of one of your friends who met their end at the end of a Necromorph’s claw there’s some DLC coming up for Dead Space 2. In fact, it’s called Severed and releases tomorrow for a paltry 560 Microsoft Flavored Limb Loot or $7 for people who own consoles that use real monies.

Severed is more than an expansion of Extraction’s story as we’ll be introduced to a deadly breed of Necromorph called the Twitcher that will be familiar to fans of the original game. In case you missed Dead Space they move incredible fast and have a bit of a twitch, and that’s pretty damn terrifying if you ask me. Head past the jump for details on future DLC for Dead Space 2. Regarding more potential expansions on the game, Steve Papoutsis, the Executive Producer for Dead Space 2, said “We’ll see what people want… it depends on people’s appetite.”

So essentially, if Severed performs well than there’s a much better chance they’ll continue expanding on the game’s story. If you’re a fan of the game and the handful of armor and weapon variations just don’t do anything for you, this is a way for us all to show EA exactly what we want to spend our hard earned prostitution money on.

[News via the PlayStation Blog]


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