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Amy Brings Survival Horror to the PSN

Paul Cuisset is a designer of a bunch of video games many of you probably haven’t heard of, including the classic Flashback, the Diablo-esque Darkstone and his most recent project, Mr. Slime. He’s worked in a variety of genres but his next title Amy, is set firmly in the survival horror genre.

All we have is a rather impressive looking screenshot which you can see above, and some details on the game’s story and how it’ll play. Amy is due out later this year for the PSN, head past the break to get caught up on what we know about the game so far. Amy takes place in the near-future where humanity has been forced to really slather on the sunscreen because of rampant global warming. Then, to make the world an even scarier goddamned place to live, a comet comes crashing down to Earth letting loose some sort of alien virus that transforms the lovely citizens of Silver City into mindless, flesh-hungry monsters.

You control Lana, one of the infected but still pre-monster phase citizens of Silver City who must protect a young girl named Amy. You see, Amy has a mysterious power that fends off Lana’s growing infection, and she also doubles as your sidekick. Think of her as the Ashley to your Leon, as her small size grants her the ability to crawl through vents and she can also help you solve puzzles. I can only hope she’s less annoying.

This infection isn’t all bad, in fact it bestows crazy abilities on Lana that get progressively more intense as the game progresses. And trust me, you’ll need all the help you can get since the enemies are smart, hunt in packs and have some sort of heat-based vision that can pinpoint your location wherever you may be.

Amy releases on the PSN later this year, and so far it’s looking pretty good.



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