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Watch Out Call of Duty, These Battlefield 3 Screens Are Stunning

It’s no surprise to anyone that the Call of Duty franchise has managed the incredible feat of total world domination. My grandma knows what Call of Duty is and she’s so old. In an attempt to steal a larger slice of the shooter market pie, damn, now I’m hungry, EA is putting more effort into creating top tier modern warfare games. The Medal of Honor reboot wasn’t the critical darling they desperately wanted it to be (though it sold well), there’s the upcoming multi-platform Crysis 2 and finally, the most likely contender to take some of Call of Duty’s success, the Battlefield series.

The next game in the series, Battlefield 3 has Call of Duty right in its sights and if the gameplay above is anything to go by I think I can honestly say this game looks better than its competitors. Whether its story, gameplay and multiplayer can compete have yet to be determined, but there’s really no argument that the game doesn’t look fucking incredible. Head past the break for a couple dozen gorgeous screenshots from the game, all big and crisp for your viewing pleasure.

This game just made ten minutes of glorious love to my delicate eyeballs. I think I need a cigarette.



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