Tactical Soldier Undead Rising - Bloody Disgusting
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Tactical Soldier Undead Rising



It must be zombie Wednesday or something. In Tactical Soldier Undead Rising you play as a group of soldiers in a zombie infested army base who are trying to figure out exactly what happens. The game is turn based and looks to play a bit like Final Fantasy Tactics or Vandal Hearts. Check out the video below.

They are in the process of working on the 2nd campaign for the game right now which will bring the total gameplay from 7 hours up to 10-11. On the site they also hint at multiplayer in the future. PC and Mac versions are also in the works, to be announced at a later date. The game will be officially released next Wednesday March 30th on the newer iOS devices. “We created this game out of passion for the turn based games that we used to play in the old days. We love games like x-com, jagged alliance and similar but couldn’t find many games of this kind on the App Store and thus we assumed that we were not the only ones, wishing for more games in the genre.”


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