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The Perfect Shirt for the ‘Proud Straight Male Gamer’

Do you consider yourself to be a proud, straight male gamer? Does your excess of gruffy manliness overshadow the likes of Marcus Fenix and Duke Nukem? Do you feel the overwhelming desire to show your manliness to the WORLD? If you answered any of these questions with a resounding yes, probably in the same bearish voice you use when saving the innocent in alleyways in the dead of night, then this shirt has been designed with you in mind. For the people reading this with a confused expression on their face, Dragon Age II came out earlier this month and since then it’s been trying to force its steamy gay action in the face of all the straight male gamers. For some, this is a problem.

It’s obvious that no less than 99% of the gaming audience consists of straight males who only want to see explosions, big guns, tits and gore. So why should a company cater to the minority of players that enjoy their games? If you hate it when your companions hit on your blatantly straight male character in Dragon Age 2 then this is the best way to show the world you’re against that sort of thing. When you pass people on the street while wearing this fabulous specimen of gamer apparel, you’ll know exactly what you are. You’re a proud, straight male gamer with a kickass t-shirt. Head past the break to see the rest of the shirt, which I might say is no less incredible.

Oh, and since a startling number of people have the remarkable ability to misinterpret this; YES, this is a joke. It’s a little twisted and admittedly a little tasteless, but a joke nonetheless. And guess what? This joke now comes in PINK! BOO YAH!



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