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The Resident Evil: Outbreak Twins Announced For The PSN And XBLA

Update: Just to clarify, this was an April Fool’s Day joke (As if you didn’t know this already).

Capcom is smart. Maybe too smart. There has been a TON of Resident Evil news, and games being announced lately. The masses have been happy and mad about the announcements, but that seems to be the way with anything these days. Thanks to the internet, everyone has a “voice”. What does that mean? Everyone now has a pair of big ol’ hairy balls connected to their fingers so they can say whatever they want.

But I’m getting off subject. It would seem since the announcement of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City has gotten such a great response, that Capcom decided that Resident Evil Outbreak, and Outbreak File 2 have been announced for the Playstation Network and the Xbox Live Arcade. Not just ported over, but just like RE4 and Code V, remastered in HD. I can’t express my excitement just through words. I’ve been wanting this for YEARS. I asked for it so many times on the Dead Pixels Podcast, finally! I know the games back in the day were not great. But the reasoning behind that was the massive focus on multiplayer. Each player had a specific skill, and you really needed the help of everyone to get through the game. I was the only one with the 1st game, so I played alone and got completely destroyed.

Capcom hints at better A.I., easy in an out with friends in the game online. Best of all, you can have up to 8 friends playing at the same time to fill all character roles. Now if I only had 8 friends……sigh…

No release date announced, but the games are projected for a late 2011 release.



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