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Survival Horror Title Amy Final Spills Her Guts



We finally got some more game info for Playstation Network survival horror title, Amy. The game takes place in December of 2034 in Silver City a small town in the midwest. A comet hits and releases a virus that infection almost everyone. Except out protagonist Lana, who wakes up in the middle of all the terror. Slightly infected but not changed she and Amy an 8 year old autistic girl must stay together to fend off the crazies. The thing is Amy is the only thing keeping Lana from going full on mindless monster.

Though Amy is not a co-op game, player will control Lana and give orders to Amy. Using Amy you will have to be extremely careful with her seeing as she is an 8 year old girl. It would seem you’ll be using her small size and special abilities to your advantage in staying safe. You must send Amy are to the areas Lana can’t get to in order to progress through the game. She must stay close to Lana to keep the virus at bay. You will have to constantly be choosing whether to run, hide, or fight off the enemies because Lana and Amy will not always be in the greatest condition. Another neat and interesting factor in the game is how infected Lana is. When the infection gets worse when she is apart from Amy, she can navigate areas without being attacked my monsters. But she can not remain overly infected for too long of she will turn.

The game will be released in June of this year exclusively for the Playstation Network.


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