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I Have a Fresh Batch of New Dead Island Screens & They’re Are All About Sam B

Sam B is Dead Island’s resident hip hop star who was scheduled to perform at the Royal Palms Resort before it got all scary and covered in red. Now he uses his musical abilities to get the undead to dance, giving him and the other survivors ample time to run away. No? Alright, so he might actually be a fairly stereotypical hip hop musician, with his bling and saggy jeans. This makes me wonder if he’s really prepared to survive the entire game because I was thought it was common knowledge that during a zombie apocalypse, loose fitting clothing is a pretty bad idea.

Other than a good look at Sam B (that’s B for Badass, by the way) we also get to see some Molotov action as well as an almost uncomfortably close look at a rather handsome blue-eyed zombie, and everyone knows you really can’t have a good zombie game without those. Head past the jump for some cool new screenshots and artwork from this game that seems to be oh so far away.



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