Call of the Dead Takes Black Ops' Zombie Mode to a Whole New Level - Bloody Disgusting
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Call of the Dead Takes Black Ops’ Zombie Mode to a Whole New Level



Escalation is Call of Duty: Black Ops’ next batch of DLC. It offers a bunch of goodies like four new multiplayer maps and a brand new zombie map, dubbed Call of the Dead. But what really takes this to the next level is the inclusion of Danny Trejo, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robert Englund and Michael Rooker, or Machete, Buffy, Freddy Krueger and total badass, respectively. If that’s just not enough to get your nether regions nice and tingly, a George Romero cameo fucking better.

Call of the Dead takes place on a large seafaring vessel that’s been infested by the undead, leaving its inhabitants – four of the biggest badasses in showbiz, to mix zombie ass kicking with some witty one-liners. The Escalation pack releases on May 3rd for the Xbox 360 and sometime later for the PS3 and PC.


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