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Red Faction: Armageddon Slips A Week, Makes June Look Even Better

Now, don’t go taking a hammer to the nearest wall but Red Faction: Armageddon has indeed been delayed. But fear not, while F.3.A.R.’s recent delay will make us wait another month, Armageddon is only getting pushed back a month. Maybe they’re afraid L.A. Noire will horde all the attention? Or perhaps they simply need more time for some last second spit and polish. Either way, June just keeps looking better.

The game’s demo is still on track for its May 3rd release and for the less mathematically inclined the new release dates are as follows: June 7th in the US and for everyone else you can expect it on June 10th. With Armageddon, Alice: Madness Returns (6/14), Shadows of the Damned (6/21), F.3.A.R. (6/24) and E3 (6/7-9), June has become one of the most exciting months of the year.



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