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Duke Nukem Calls Himself ‘King Of Shooters’

Everybody knows that Duke Nukem is cocky. But I’m thinking the whole thing maybe has gone too far. He has now proclaimed himself “King Of Shooters”. That is a HUGE title to give yourself, especially with the Halos, Call Of Dutys, Battlefields, etc of the world. The portrait is oddly enough named ‘Untitled: I’m So Awesome, I Don’t Even Need To Name It’ The word is the picture took 350 man hours to complete, and was finished in a single sitting my crazy artist Frank Frid.

“As usual, I look awesome,” said Duke of the 35” x 23” masterpiece. “I’m clearly the Royal story everyone should be talking about this week.” I mean we don’t even have a demo to try out! For shame Duke Nukem, for shaaaaaame. Maybe I’m wrong, what do you guys think?



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