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Sony Wants to Make Amends for PSN Disaster

In case you’ve been living under a particularly large rock or simply don’t own a PS3 you might not be aware that Sony’s been having some issues with the PlayStation Network. Since the 20th the entire PSN as well as Sony’s Qriocity service have been down while Sony works on completely rebuilding their network infrastructure after a massive security breach. Sony hasn’t had the best relationship with hackers, and their lawsuit against hacker Geohot “forced” a group of Hacktivists called Anonymous to call virtual war on them. Now, is it just me or is this whole thing starting to sound like the basis for a bad direct-to-DVD sci-fi movie?

Not only did this debacle potentially cost Sony billions it also successfully removed much of the trust of many PS3 users and the developers who support Sony’s platform. One developer has even stated an online survey to decide on whether or not they should publish their game on PSN. If you’re a disgruntled PS3 owner looking for a little somethin’ somethin’ for your offline woes, Sony’s finally let us know what they’re doing to try an remedy the situation. Find out what you can get out of all this hullabaloo, after the jump. During a press conference earlier today Sony unveiled their “Appreciation Program”, which they hope might calm down the 77+ million people that haven’t been able to access their PSN accounts. What might this program entail? Well, I’m glad you asked:

First, all PSN customers will get 30 days free membership to the PlayStation Plus premium service, and if you’re already a subscriber to it you’re still getting a free month tacked on to your current subscription. Alongside this Sony’s also offering 30 days of free access to their Qriocity service.

So, I have to ask – is this band-aid big enough to cover all the pain and extreme hardship that almost two full weeks of no PSN has undoubtedly caused you?



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