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Here’s Our First Glimpse of Modern Warfare 3



We all knew it was coming since the now unstoppable Juggernaut of the video game industry has been giving gamers annual doses of hot, soldier or soldier action since 2006. But now we finally have our first look at the hotly anticipated game, which looks to be taking the fight to New York. I’m picturing something along the lines of Crysis 2 just without aliens.

This tease doesn’t show much in terms of gameplay (and by that I mean there isn’t a second of gameplay in the teaser) but it’s slick, stylish and will likely be enough to get tens of millions of fans foaming at the mouth to play the game. Head past the break to watch the Modern Warfare 3 teaser.

It might not be fair to ask such a question seeing as we haven’t seen any gameplay yet but I’m just curious: Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3? Let me know which game you’re more interested in.


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