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PSN is One Step Closer to Getting Back Online [UPDATE]



Now that the PS3 is nearing a full month (25 days to be more exact) without online functionality Sony has released a firmware update for the PlayStation 3. This update is a very important step toward bringing the PSN back online. Firmware update 3.61 will let you update your PSN passcode, in fact, you’re required to change it with this update, though I’m sure most of you are more than willing to, especially if you use the same passcode for multiple accounts.

Your account info can only be changed on the PS3 your account is active on, so if someone was to have taken your info they won’t be able to change it without your PS3. So get on it people, change your passwords in preparation for the PlayStation Network’s glorious return. [UPDATE] It would seem after a very long wait all you gamers that are lucky enough to live in the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico can now access the PlayStation Network. All you have to do is sign on, download the mandatory firmware update, change your password and voilà! You’ve successfully escaped the Stone Age!

Unfortunately, PSN is only back online for gamers in North America but the rest of the world is soon to follow. We’ll keep you updated as things progress.


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