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Dead Block Takes a Different Approach to Zombie Kickassery



Dead Block looks like Home Alone with zombies in it as you and some friends are trapped in a building that’s being steadily overrun by the cartoonish undead. Your only defense seems to be an unhealthy number of sandwiches, guns and the ability to set up elaborate traps throughout the building to help dispose of the oncoming horde of flesh-hungry zombies.

You and your friends can choose from a few different characters including the food friendly boyscout Mike, Jack the construction worker and Foxy the traffic warden. Dead Block takes place in the 1950’s and brings with it ten single-player levels, eight cooperative levels and a whole lot of ways to slay the unsuspecting undead. Quick tangent: are there too many games with ‘Dead’ in the title? I think so. Dead Island, Dead Rising, Dead Block, Dead Space, Dead Frontier, Dead Nation, Dead Pixels, err, nevermind. I just wouldn’t mind developers getting a little more creative with the titles they give their games. There, tangent over, let’s wrap this up.

Dead Block releases on the XBLA, PSN and PC sometime later this year.


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