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Yep, There’s A Special Edition of Dead Island

Dead Island looks pretty good. It has zombies and a bunch of ways to dispatch them, and the trailers we’ve seen for the game so far have been pretty great. It’s no surprise we’re getting a special edition, but there are a few reasons that make this one pretty great. First, it comes with the game’s first DLC, dubbed Bloodbath Arena, that sounds a lot like the Firefight/Horde/Survival Modes in recent games, where you and a few friends have to fight waves of enemies.

The special edition brings with it unique cover art and an exclusive blueprint for a weapon called the Ripper – a baseball bat with a buzz saw attached to it. Head past the break for more details on the special edition and the Bloodbath Arena DLC. Unfortunately, this edition is exclusive to those who preorder the game at GameStop, and it will be available for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

As for the DLC, it comes free with the game while everyone else will have to toss out $10 for it. If you’re still on the fence the DLC comes with four stages that can be played alone or with friends. In it you’ll have to fight waves of increasingly difficult enemies. The best thing about all this is the experience you gain here transfers to the campaign as well.

The DLC also comes with an exclusive weapon called the Brain Wave bomb and while I’m not entirely sure what that is exactly, it sounds pretty badass. The best thing about all this? The special edition is a free, automatic upgrade when you preorder the game at GameStop, so you don’t have to shell out any extra money for it.



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