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E3: Sony’s Next Handheld Will Henceforth Be Known As the PS Vita

Revealed earlier this year, the successor to Sony’s popular handheld got quite a bit of buzz for the long list of features that we wanted (dual analog sticks) and ones we didn’t know we wanted until we saw them in action (rear screen touch pad). Introduced to the world with the temporary “NGP” (Next Generation Portable) moniker, starting today you can call it by it’s real name, the PS Vita.

I like it, it’s catchy. But that’s not all that was revealed at Sony’s press conference today, oh no sir, we also got the final price for it as well. Some people guessed it could potentially cost us $400 or more, but I’m very happy to say they were wrong. Head past the break for more details. I won’t spend too much time on the details since you can find our in-depth look at all of the system’s features that include a 5″ OLED display, rear touch panel, dual analog sticks and 3G functionality. The one thing Sony was hesitant to talk about when they first unveiled the console was it’s price, and that worried a lot of gamers, including myself.

But fear not, as the PS Vita’s price has been revealed and it’s pretty frakking cheap, cheap being relative to many analysts’ predictions and the sheer amount of awesome the thing has. The PS Vita will cost you $249 for the standard wi-fi enable model, and an extra $50, or $299 for the 3G version.

For our readers in Europe you’ll have to throw down €249.99 (£223) for the Wi-Fi model and the #G enabled one will cost €299.99 (£268).



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