E3: Nyko Changes The Game With Kinect Lens For Small Spaces - Bloody Disgusting
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E3: Nyko Changes The Game With Kinect Lens For Small Spaces



Nyko has made TONS of awesome gaming peripherals. But the items they are showing off at E3 this year might just be the absolute best. If you bought a Kinect, but your gaming space is small, you’re shit out of luck. The damn thing can’t find you. I have a decent sized gaming area and I still have to completely move the couch out of the way and it’s just barely enough. Check out the video below to see this amazing add on in action.

Amazing right? That’s not all people. Head past the break to read about all the awesome other goodies they are releasing. * Zoom for Kinect – Specially-designed lenses in a simple clip-on accessory allows Kinect gaming in smaller living rooms and apartments by reducing the distance required for the Kinect to function properly by up to 40%. The Zoom requires no additional power or batteries and is compatible with any Kinect game for both single and multiplayer use.
* Shock n Rock for 3DS – The ultimate 3DS add-on offers 3x the battery life and 4 powered speakers providing crisp, loud surround sound for any environment. Added vibration feedback gives each and every 3DS game an extra level of immersion while the ergonomic design provides comfort for extended gameplay sessions.
* Game Boost for 3DS – A snap-on backup battery that is lightweight and can be installed quickly, it provides up to an extra 1 – 2 hours worth of juice through the existing battery contacts.
* Play Clock for 3DS – Wake up with your 3DS fully charged every morning with this combination charging dock, alarm clock and powered speaker system. Ideal for storing and charging your 3DS. The built in line-in port allows you to easily hook up any MP3 player or audio device.
* Power Grip for 3DS – This external battery with ergonomic grip offers up to 3x the battery life. The Power Grip does not require players to remove the existing battery while also providing a ergonomic grip for added comfort and stability.
* Charge Base 3 for PS3 – Rapidly charge two PlayStation 3 controllers with this stylish new vertical design of a best-selling item. Nyko’s unique, magnetic charging adaptors allow for easy charging, with no ports or cables required.


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