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E3: Konami Unveils Zombie Apocalypse 2, How Excited Are You?

Alright, so I never try to judge a game that I know nothing about, but the first Zombie Apocalypse was such a bad game. In case you were lucky enough to not have played it, the original game was a top down arcade shooter where you and three friends fought against hordes of the undead. Sounds fun, right? WRONG. Unfortunately, the game was plagued by repetitive environments (there were around 50 levels but only seven maps, so you saw the same map a lot), frustrating enemies, and no real motivation to play the game unless you’re a fan of punishment.

Now, Zombie Apocalypse 2 could fix all of that and end up being a great game, but I’m going to withhold excitement until I have proof that they’re headed in the right direction. If anyone at Backbone or Konami is reading this, here’s a tip: go play the PS3’s Dead Nation, another top-down, four-player shooter set during a zombie apocalypse, and take notes. That game did a lot of things right. Oh, and I have some screenshots for you after the jump.
From the E3 press release, Zombie Apocalypse 2 has a few new features, including a new squad feature that lets you work together with your team (as opposed to against each other as you fight for the most points), and a new class system that lets you swap weapons with each other and distribute powers and energy to your comrades. That’s one step in the right direction, so I’ll give ’em that.

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