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Dead Pixels 20 Most Exciting Reveals of E3

This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo wasn’t so much about big surprises as it was about things we expected. That’s not to say E3 wasn’t excited, it brought us a ton of geeky kickassery to keep most of us excited until next June, but almost all of the major reveals were things we knew were coming many moons ago (see: Wii U).

With that said, TJ and I have once again joined forces to bring you the ultimate list, filled with our twenty favorite reveals from the second nerdiest expo (beaten only by Comic Con) of the year. We’ve done practically all of the work so the only thing you have to do is take your big, beautiful eyes and slap ’em on the following words. It’s just that easy. Adam’s #10: Battlefield 3 Continues to Be More Exciting Than Modern Warfare 3

I like the Call of Duty series, I really do. Both Infinity Ward and Treyarch have continued to give us one excellent game after another but with added competition from the likes of Crysis 2, Medal of Honor, Homefront and Battlefield 3, I’ve starting losing interest in the franchise. It’s still a great series, no one can argue that, but with the insane success the series has enjoyed over the last handful of years it’s obvious that Activision is resting on their laurels. It’s main competitor, EA’s Battlefield 3, had a huge showing at this year’s E3 and with each new screenshot, trailer or piece of gameplay, I find myself getting more and more excited to play it. I think it’s time for Activision to up their game, lest they see their FPS king dethroned.

TJ’s# 9.5: Silent Hill Book of Memories

This goes in my top 10, though I am still completely skeptical about it. I mean, we know absolutely NOTHING about it. We don’t know what the story will be like, the gameplay, no screens, no videos. So, I’m still holding my breath, but excited as well.

Adam’s #9: Zombie Apocalypse 2, Seriously?

This was not a good surprise. I’m willing to give it a chance, but it’s sad when the biggest surprise from E3 is one that isn’t really welcome. It’s just that the first Zombie Apocalypse was so bad, that I’m surprised to see Konami breathing more life into what’s now become a series. Now, if this game comes out and ends up being good I’ll be the first to eat my words, but right now this is a game I’m just not all that thrilled about.

TJ’s# 8.5: Gotham City Imposters

I haven’t really heard much feedback from anyone about how they feel about this game. But I have to say so far I’m excited. It’s a Batman themed first person shooter, where you play as a bunch of thugs dressed up as Batman characters. The characters outfits look extremely customizable as well, which Is a huge bonus for me.

Adam’s #8: Silent Hill Goes Cooperative!

I’m still not sure if this is a good or a bad thing, I mean, it could be great and I’m always up for another horror game I can enjoy with my friends, but come on, we were joking about this not two months ago and now it’s a real thing. Please Konami, make it good. I want it to be good so bad.

TJ’s# 7.5: Wii U

I am incredibly excited about this. A lot of people seem incredibly skeptical. But I’m totally in. The fact that I can stop gaming in my room, and take it into the bathroom with me is amazing. As long as they deliver me some amazing games, Nintendo, you’ve stolen my heart.

Adam’s #7: Aliens: Colonial Marines Is Actually Happening

I still can’t believe it. I mean, this game was revealed back in 2006 (though we’ve waited far longer for other games, like Alan Wake and Alice: Madness Returns), but I was almost certain the game wasn’t happening. Thankfully, Gearbox looks to be a savior for games long thought to be dead (like the officially confirmed to be shit game, Duke Nukem: Forever), who are also behind this. I just hope they get the need to bring dead games back to life out of their system so they can give us Borderlands 2.

TJ’s# 6.5: Nyko Kinect Lens

I think this is INCREDIBLE. Let’s be honest, the amount of space you need to play the Kinect is brutal. This lens will allow certain individuals (i.e. Adam) to actually be able to use the Kinect in his or her apartments. I have a fairly large gaming area, but I still have to move a damn couch if I want to have the full space to play. This is a game changer.

Adam’s #6: BioShock: Infinite Continues to Excite Me

Don’t worry, by excite, I only mean sexually. I’m of the school of thought that Ken Levine (BioShock’s creator) can do no wrong, but this game only proves that idea. BioShock 2 was surprisingly great but it looks like Infinite’s sole purpose is to make us forget about that game by slathering a thick coat of 100% pure BioShock goodness all over our faces. I want this game in my pants, but sadly it looks like I’ll have to wait until next year before I can have my way with it.

TJ’s# 5.5: Far Cry 3

I am not at all a fan of the 1st 2 Far Cry games. However the trailer for FC3 was incredible. It had me from start to finish. Having a crazy warlord trying to kill you was the icing on the cake. When you’re underwater trying to break out of those ropes and there are other dead bodies floating around you gives you this unnerving feeling of “Shit, this guy is not fucking around.”

Adam’s #5: Far Cry 3, ‘Nuff Said

I actually enjoyed the second Far Cry, though I never played the first, and it looks like Far Cry 3 will fix many of my issues with the second game (like the lack of direction, variety, or things to do). Alone, that’s enough reason to make me want this game, but that move where you can stab one guy and immediately throw the machete into his nearby friend is just another reason for me to want this game.

TJ’s# 4.5: Silent Hill: Collection

I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that this is happening. Mainly because if you ever try to go back and play an old game on an HDTV, it looks like absolute shit.

Adam’s #4: Silent Hills 2 & 3 Get Makeovers

Dammit TJ, stop copying me. There’s a growing trend, one that I am desperately in love with, and that’s to take a classic game (or in this case, games), make them look and sound better, and give them to us again. Capcom’s doing it with Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica, and now Konami’s jumping on the bandwagon to give us Silent Hills 2 and 3. I’m all for this.

TJ’s# 3.5: Final Fantasy XIII-2

I do whatever the fuck I want Adam D-O-Double D. (My new sexy rapper name for you) Almost anything Final Fantasy goes on my list. Doesn’t matter. But XIII was awesome (though I still have a lot more to get through) and I can only image XIII-2 is going to be and look just as good.

Adam’s# 3: My Fears About Operation Raccoon City Are Massaged, Gently

You might be saying to yourself, “But Adam, you and TJprematurely evaluated Operation Raccoon City and it sounded like you thought this game would be amazing,” and yes, it looks very good, but I still had some fears. Now that we’ve seen more gameplay, specifically in how the game looks when you play it, and learned more about the game I feel a little better about where Capcom’s taking the game.

TJ’s# 2.5: Halo 4

Maybe I should have, but I didn’t see this coming at all. Non the less, I am absolutely pumped to be playing as Master Chief again. I miss how badass he is. Being a regular soldier has its downfalls. Literally. Falling from unimaginable heights and living is one of the best things about Chief. I can only assume they will also be integrating things from Reach into Halo 4. Jet pack? Yes please.

Adam’s# 2: I’d Very Much Like to Have Mass Effect 3’s Babies

If ever there was a game I could make passionate love to, it’d be the Mass Effect series. I so rarely beat games anymore, much less go through them more than once, that my ability to play through a 40+ hour long game multiple times shows my deep affection for this series. Mass Effect 3 will give me new powers, cooler fights, more of the story and characters I love, and the option to ravage one of my unsuspecting crew mates. What more could you possibly want from a game?

TJ’s# 1.5: All Resident Evils

There is a whole hell of a lot of Resident Evil going on right now and I’m super fucking excited for all of it. Raccoon City, the HD remakes, Revelations, give it all to me and give it to me real hard and fast and all night and like you god damn mean it.

Adam’s# 1: The Lack of Surprises

It might be a little naive, but part of me really wanted a few games to be announced that weren’t, like: Condemned 3, Alan Wake 2, Half-Life 2: Episode 3, Beyond Good & Evil 2 (Ubisoft later confirmed that this game most likely won’t come out for the current generation of consoles) or even a tiny tease for Dead Space 3, though I wouldn’t expect it any sooner than holiday 2012. I wanted these games so bad that when none of them were announced, it made me a little sad.

TJ’s# 0.5: Dead Island

Do I really need to say anything? Maybe, but I’m not going to. DEAD FUCKING ISLAND.



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