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FEAR 3’s Launch Trailer is All About the Brotherly Love

While it might look like one on the surface, FEAR 3 isn’t a horror game. Instead, this is a game about brotherly love, a PSA of sorts that’s telling you to walk up to your sibling and give them a big hug. Because when the shit hits the fan and the world is a post-apocalyptic wasteland filled with ghosts and monsters just waiting to tear your ass in half, you’re going to want some backup. Of course, it helps if your sibling is really good with guns, can slow down time, or has an assortment of supernatural powers that give them the ability to possess, levitate or explode enemies. Wait, what was this about? Oh yeah, FEAR 3’s launch trailer. Check it out.

If the apocalypse does come, or when it comes, people like me are screwed. Being an only child means I have no sidekick to shoot in the forehead so they can come back and be my beat ’em up pal. Oh, and FEAR 3 hits store shelves on June 21st in the US and the 24th for those across the pond.



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