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Michael J. Fox Guest Stars In The Last Episode Of ‘Back To The Future: The Game’

If you are a huge Back To The Future fan, you should be following Back To The Future: The Game. The 5 part series is on it’s 5th and final episode entitled Outatime. The voice of Marty is done by the excellent AJ LoCascio, you almost wouldn’t know the difference if you didn’t know it wasn’t Michael J. Fox. Check out the trailer below giving you a little from all 4 episodes and the 5th which is out now on the Mac and PC, and coming soon to the Playstation Network and iPad.

Notice it says “Season Finale”, which could be hinting at another season assuming the game has done well enough. If you want to give the game a shot, PC and Mac users can download the 1st episode for free over at Telltale Games. iPad users can download the 1st episode for free for a limited time from the iTunes store.



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