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Making An Awesome Horror Movie Title Has Never Been Easier



Not many people know this, but until I turned 16 and realized how god awful I am at telling people what to do (a very important strength for directors), I was well on my way to becoming the next John Carpenter. Well, I suppose I would’ve been more of a Uwe Boll, really. Unfortunately, my half-finished zombie flick was missing some crucial elements like a decent script, since everything was written by yours truly and many of you know how loose my grasp on this whole writing thing is. The movie was also called Biohazard, and yes, I was inspired by Resident Evil’s japanese title. However, I’m positive my movie would’ve been a success if I had this fantastic invention to give me a better title, like the one you can see below.

Yeah, I totally would’ve used that. That’s the type of title that gets Michael Bay money, and it’s all thanks to Generator Land’s Horror Movie Title Generator. The best thing about this, other than the hilarious titles it comes up with, is it requires no effort on your part to use. That’s critical for lazy bastards such as myself. So I’m going to ask something of you all: check it out and come back here so you can share the title it gave you in the comments. The person with the best title gets my undying love and affection. Big thanks to Mike Raia for sending this my way!


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