Deadly Premonition Is Coming To Xbox Live - Bloody Disgusting
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Deadly Premonition Is Coming To Xbox Live



With all this TALK about Deadly Premonition 2, I thought I’d give all you horror fans a Deadly Premonition update. No, unfortunately there is no DLC (Which is what I was hoping for).

The real news here is that Deadly Premonition is coming to Xbox Live Arcade. What does that mean for you? Well, you don’t have to get your lazy asses off the couch to go buy the hard copy. It will be released on July 5 in the Games On Demand section of XBLA. So once you’re done gorging yourselves on meat products and ooo’ing and ahh’ing at the fireworks, you can pass out in your own filth, wake up, download that bitch and start the revolution. “Deadly Premonition is a quirky and unique title we are proud to have published,” says Martin Defries, managing director, Rising Star Games. “We knew there was an audience for the title and we delivered them the game they wanted. Now Deadly Premonition is on Games on Demand it will give even more people a chance to marvel at this completely individual title and decide for themselves what they think of the most controversial title of 2010.”

Now there definitely is no reason we shouldn’t see a DP2. I bid you good day. GOOD DAY


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