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Since Returning Online, 90% of PSN Users Are Back

After getting hacked, having confidential customer data stolen, and spending close to a month offline, Sony was sure to have lost a few fans. Sony’s offering of two free games for everyone and a free month of their PlayStation Plus and Qriocity services was an attempt at making amends for the debacle. It’s six weeks after coming back online, and at a shareholders meeting earlier today Sony said that 90% of PS3 owners have returned.

In reality, I’m thinking they should’ve said something along the lines of “90% of PS3 owners have returned to claim their free games,” since this really isn’t a solid way of understanding the effect the PS3’s downtime had on its user base. I’d much rather know how much of a decrease the number of people playing online has been since the incident, but I’m 90% sure I won’t get an answer to that. What I can get an answer to is how many of you have returned, and if you have, was it only to claim your rewards or have you actually played online and/or used the PS Store?



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