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These Dark Souls Screens Will F**king EAT YOU

I love Demon’s Souls. It’s creepy, atmospheric, beautiful, and one of the most difficult games I’ve ever played. If I had any complaints about the game it’d be that not enough people were able to experience it. Thankfully, it’s sequel, Dark Souls, will be making its way to both the PS3 and Xbox 360 later this year and it promises a more refined experience with a few tweaks to the gameplay and new items, weapons and spells. Throw in a bunch of new enemies, even crazier boss fights and what the same unforgiving nature, and you have yourself a damn fine dark fantasy RPG.

Dark Souls releases on October 4th in the States and the 7th for Europe. I suggest playing every game you own on its most difficult setting so you can be better prepared for this game. Otherwise, it will chew you up, make fun of your mom, steal your lover, put Saran wrap on your toilet seat, and spit you out. Head past the break for a couple dozen gorgeous screenshots, if you dare.



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