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Catherine Demo Seduces Xbox Live & PSN



Catherine is a difficult game to explain because it’s just so bizarre. What I know is you control the 32 year-old Vincent who’s slutty ways has led him to cheat on his girlfriend Katherine with a girl he met at a bar named… Catherine. The only problem is he doesn’t remember what he did with Catherine the night prior so he has to fight through nightmares filled with puzzles and demonic sheep to remember, but he has to manage this before the time runs out and he… well, you get a Game Over, I don’t actually know what happens. Maybe Vincent decides women aren’t worth the hassel so he falls in love with a chiseled man-god named Cam, only to cheat on him with Kam, starting the whole process over again. That would be an amazing sequel.

Where was I? Oh, right. Catherine. Strangely enough, this game looks pretty great. It mixes a little of the puzzle-platforming I love so dearly with the horrors of sex and debauchery I experience on a day-to-day basis. This is totally my type of game, and if it sounds like your cup o’ tea I suggest checking out the newly released demo.


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