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New Metro: Last Light Gameplay is Dark, Violent

I like my games dark, excessively violent, and borderline psychotic. Despite its flaws, Metro 2033 was a fantastically creepy game with a genuinely interesting story and a palpable dread that lingered in the dank tunnels, following you everywhere you went. It was a creepy game and surprised the hell out of me when I found myself deeply in love with it. THQ took notice of the game’s potential and looks to be giving it more of a focus this time around with Metro: Last Light. If the gameplay video below is anything to go by, it looks to be shaping up nicely.

For the uninitiated, the Metro games are based off a series of books by sci-fi author Dmitry Glukhovsky (quite possibly my second favorite Russian author behind Sergei Lukyanenko, who created the amazing Night Watch series), and who’s also working on selling the film rights to the series. With the bigger budget THQ’s investing into the game’s development my major issues, like the sub-par gunplay and AI, look to have been fixed in the sequel. Head past the jump for the game’s E3 trailer, just in case you missed it the first time around.

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