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The PS3 Version Of House Of The Dead: Overkill Trumps The Wii Version

Debate it all you want, the Wii just can’t pump out the gorgeous graphics that the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 can. That’s why House Of The Dead: Overkill is going to look way better on the Playstation 3 then it ever did on the Wii. However, that’s no necessarily a good thing. One thing that made Overkill so awesome is the way it looked. Shitty and grainy and very old skool.

I guess only time will tell. Head past the break for some new House Of The Dead: Overkill Extended Cut screens. Also past the break is a list of the PS3 exclusive game content included with the game. Overkill will be out for the Playstation 3/Move on October 25th.



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