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Aliens: Infestation

Aliens seems to be a video game title that isn’t going to go away anytime soon. With the release of the sub par Aliens Vs Predator, and Aliens: Colonial Marines FINALLY getting close to an actual release, why not release a classic 2D side scroller on the Nintendo Ds?

I have to say, it looks like fun! Definitely has that old skool Contra look to it. Aliens: Infestation is coming out in September, and you’ll get a chance to venture into the Sulaco, the Derelict ship, and LV-426. You can recruit and play as 19 different marines, while exploring the expanded Aliens universe. Screens past the break. “In contrast to our other Aliens title in the works at the moment, Aliens: Infestation delivers a game that focuses more on exploration of the expanded universe,” comments Gary Knight, Senior Vice President of Marketing, SEGA West. “WayForward really put all their passion into making Aliens: Infestation the definitive Aliens experience that you can fit in your pocket.”



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