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This Batch of New Rise of Nightmares Screens Really Brings On the Gore

Come September the Kinect will be getting its first dose of real horror with Rise of Nightmares, Sega’s attempt at appealing to those of us who own the Xbox 360’s limb flailing peripheral. From everything we’ve seen of the game so far it looks pretty damn creepy. Like, locked in a retirement home at night level of creepy, where you just know a wrinkly old woman is going to pop out at you from around the corner to pinch your cheek. That’s not even the worst of it, sure, old people and darkness is a damn terrifying combination, but what about that smell? Oh, and sorry to everyone over 60 who’s reading this, of course I’m not talking about you. You smell great, now stay the fuck away from my cheeks.

Where was I? Oh yes, Rise of Nightmares has unleashed some brand new screenshots today that, if anything, prove this game isn’t afraid to splash buckets of blood and severed body parts at us. Head past the break for some screens, but be warned, there’s blood waiting for you past the jump. I just don’t want to be blamed for giving any of you nightmares. I know how sensitive Bloody Disgusting’s audience is. You’re all like fragile butterflies with weak stomachs. Sure, you’re all beautiful and I’d very much like to rub my face on you, but you’re also pretty delicate, so as a writer extraordinaire I have to be aware of your limitations.



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