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Some Fresh & Messy Dead Island Screens, From Me to You

You know, I hate being the bringer of bad news. It’s just not fun, no sir, not fun at all. So it’s good that there isn’t any bad news to dish out today, in fact, all I have is sunshine and sensual velvety love for everyone! Can you believe it? Dead Island, a game that was unveiled so long ago is only a short month away from gifting us with the kickass cooperative zombie mayhem I’ve wanted since I was a baby. Seriously, I’ve wanted this game since I was a baby. My first words were ‘electric machete’ and my third and fourth were ‘tasty entrails.’ (I grew up in a troubled household).

So obviously, Dead Island is my type of game, and it should be yours as well. I mean, if you like joining your friends so you can mow down hordes of zombies with hand-crafted weapons and a mean ‘tude, then this is pretty much the game of your dreams. If you’d like another look at this mind-blowingly cool looking game, I suggest heading past the break for a new batch of screens.



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