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Rage Over Doom 4 All You Want, You’ll Still Have to Wait For It



Did you hear? Rage is coming out in just a few short months (Oct 4) and while that’s damn exciting, fans of id Software’s other series are clamoring for some news regarding Doom 4. Obviously, they don’t want to take any of the spotlight away from Rage, but we were supposed to hear something about Doom 4 at last year’s Quake Con, then we were told we might get some details at this year’s event, but Quake Con 2011 closed up yesterday and there was still no news. Well, sort of.

When pressed about when they are planning on slathering a coat of Doom 4 on fans’ eager faces, id Software’s co-owner and CEO Todd Hollenshead had this to say about the long awaited sequel. Oh, well, this is awkward. You see, you’re actually going to have to click the ‘read more’ button to see what Todd had to say. Yeah… this is like when you get a coffee at Starbucks, take a sip, and realize the barista forgot to tell you to click the read more button to see Todd’s quote. I hate it when that happens. When asked about Doom 4, Hollenshead said “id Tech 5 is the basis for Doom 4, and I guess infer what you will…What we’re really focused on is getting Rage out the door. Once we’re to that point, then we want to transition to how we’re going to present Doom 4, what are the talking points, how do we introduce it. Because that stuff hasn’t even been determined yet. We’re talking about that internally.”

We knew the game was using the same gorgeous engine as Rage, but it’s good to hear that Doom 4 is definitely their next priority. Now I just hope they don’t let that beautiful engine go to waste by throwing us inside another dark space station. I’m not saying the game shouldn’t take place in space or that it shouldn’t be dark, I just hope it’s not a bunch of labyrinthine corridors filled with cheap scares and monster closets. That was my main issue with the otherwise fantastic Doom 3, but I’m sure id knows what they’re doing.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, Rage rocks. I had the chance to play the game in San Francisco a few weeks back and it’s going to blow you away. If you enjoyed the wasteland settings of Fallout and Borderlands but with more action then the former and far better quests then the latter, I can guarantee you’ll enjoy this.


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