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Amazon’s Rise Of Nightmares Pre Order Bonus, Well, It Sucks.

If you recall a little over a week ago I posted about the Rise Of Nightmares pre-order bonuses. They are not so good. And just when you thought there couldn’t be a worse bonus, along comes the pre order bonus. For the exact same price, you get a Jester avatar pet. That’s it.

Listen, I know I’m bitching. I mean we should be grateful we get ANYTHING at all for free with the game just for pre-ordering. I remember spending full price for a game when I was younger, getting absolutely NOTHING extra with it, and then hating the crap out of the game. We live in a good era for video games. But if Amazon wants to beat out Game Stop they need to schmooze some better exclusives. Although Amazon does a lot of the time offer you a 20 dollar credit towards your next video game when you buy a new game from them.



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