Fuming Fan Tries To Keep His Cool After Hearing About Diablo 3 Changes - Bloody Disgusting
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Fuming Fan Tries To Keep His Cool After Hearing About Diablo 3 Changes



In case you haven’t been following this game as closely as you should, Blizzard is making some changes in the long in the making Diablo 3. For one, players who want to go dungeon diving will have to be online all the time. This means you’ll need a persistent internet connection to play the game, even if you’re going it alone. That was enough to get some fans in a tizzy, but the real frustration arose when Blizzard unveiled the Diablo 3 Auction House. Before we get into that, you should definitely watch as this socially awkward fan reaches a whole new level of mad. This isn’t just more incessant fanboy flaming, we’re talking about a someone just took my Mountain Dew Pitch Black level of mad.

Crazy, right? I like how he whips out the wad of cash near the halfway mark proving his potential as my future sugar daddy, or when he randomly takes out what looks like Thor’s hammer and starts whacking himself over the head with it. This video rocks. So is his reaction justified? Only if you don’t like progress. Anyone who’s familiar with the Diablo 2 probably remembers the constant spamming of bots inviting you to their website to purchase items for use in the game. Unless you set up a password protected private game there was no escaping these persistant bastards, and that’s part of the point for the Auction House. This feature is a fully-integrated marketplace where you can buy and sell items for real-world currency. So now you can make money, or you can skip that crap altogether and finally be free of the constant hassling by bots. Doesn’t that just piss you off? Oh, and by the way, this is totally a joke. Even the lisp was a lie, proving you shouldn’t believe anything you see on the internet, unless it’s written by yours truly. Here’s what the guy really thinks about Diablo 3, but be warned: this video is far less entertaining then the one above.


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