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I Have Three Songs From Dead Island’s Soundtrack, Any Takers?



Now that Dead Island is less than a month away I’m about to burst. Seriously, I’m going to burst and cover these walls with little Adam giblets. So while I’m trying to contain myself you should definitely check out these songs, because they’re pretty easy on the ears, kind of like how easy I am on the eyes. And the bosom. And the [CENSORED]. The song below is the main theme song, and I’m definitely a fan. I wouldn’t mind slaying zombies with a few friends while this played in the background. Would you?

The other two songs, “Surrounded By Zombies” and “Zombie Uprising” can be found after the jump. Just make sure your ears are limbered up first, they’re pretty thick.

Dead Island releases on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on September 6th in the US and the 9th for those across the pond. The European folks have to wait a few extra days because you were gifted with painfully sexy accents. Mmm


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