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SDCC ’08: Quarantine Brothers Head to ‘The Coup’



This morning at the San Diego Comic Con Bloody-Disgusting was invited to a special breakfast with brothers John and Drew Dowdle to chat about their forthcoming feature film, Sony Screen Gems’ Quarantine, the remake of the Spanish horror film [REC]. While talking about their voyeur film, they revealed to Bloody-Disgusting that they’re about to prep their next feature, which you can read about inside.
This morning at a breakfast for Sony Screen Gems’ QUARANTINE, we caught up with the writing-directing duo behind the film, the Dowdle brothers, who revealed their next project will be a new indie film entitled THE COUP.

It’s an action-horror film called THE COUP and it’s a husband, wife and two little girls (ages 5 and 7) who go to Cambodia,” John tells Bloody-Disgusting. “A coup overthrows the government and starts executing all of the foreigners

The brothers are going to head off next week to take the same trip our family will enjoy in Thailand.

Were actually going to take the same trip the family takes in Cambodia, and then were going to Thailand to see how to copy exactly that.

What exactly is the film about? It’s an action-thriller with zombie elements.

It’s about what these parents will do to save their kids, and it has some very horror film elements about it,” Drew explains. John continues, “It’s very realistic, like a real world zombie movie. Anybody who sees [the family]… they’re dead. It’s not a zombie movie, but it has that vibe. They have to hide in crowds, get out. It’s pretty horrific.

THE COUP will be independently financed, like THE POUGHKEEPSIE TAPES, which is still looking for a release date from MGM.

Sony Screen Gems has slated their first studio film, QUARANTINE, for release on October 10th.


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