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Box Office: ‘Midnight Meat Train’ Numbers Game

Well horror fiends, the weekend in coming to a close and Box Office Mojo has reported that Lionsgate’s The Midnight Meat Train has taken in an estimated $32,000 on 102 screens. Looks pretty bad doesn’t it? Let’s play the numbers game shall we? Tickets were between $1 and $2, an average ticket is between $11 and $12, that means it’s safe to say the real numbers would be a multiple of 10. So, had Clive Barker’s film opened in normal theaters, it would have made an estimated $320,000 on only 102 screens. It would have also averaged $3,000 per screen, which is on par with the heavyweights. A flop? I think not – and maybe I’m reaching a bit, but I think a statement was made… what do you think? Let’s open this up to discussion.



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