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Summit Already Prepping ‘Twilight’ Sequel

Funny how I was one of the first to cover this movie, and now I’ll probably be the last in line (if at all) to see it. Summit Entertainment’s Twilight is still a month out of theaters and already it has been deemed a smash hit. The studio has some high expectations, especially after the strange San Diego Comic Con occurrences that had suits at Summit baffled. It seems like the studio is already hard at work prepping TWILIGHT: NEW MOON, the sequel to the popular teen-vampire adaptation slated to hit theaters November 21st. You can read about it inside.
When your soundtrack isn’t even completed much less released (not until November 4th), yet it’s already in the Top 5 Best-Selling Albums on Amazon based on pre-sales alone, you know you have a hit,” writes Deadline Hollywood, who reports that the studio is eyeing to fast track the sequel.

Based on the 2005 novel by Stephenie Meyer, the film is about a high school girl named Bella falls in love with a vampire. The new couple leads a rival vampire clan to pursue them and attempt to force her to decide if she, too, wishes to become one of the undead.

When Borders makes an exclusive calendar and sells out the first printing in a matter of days, you know you have a hit. And when the new trailer to your movie surpasses 3.5 million views less than 48 hours after its online debut, you know you have a hit.

If you click on over to Deadline, you can read all about the cost of the film, the marketing push and everything that has gone into making this film a success – before it even hits theaters. Watch for more soon.

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