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Posters, Synopsis For Indie Feature ‘Apparition’

We caught wind of a new indie pic from Firestorm Pictures entitled APPARITION, which will be written and directed by Todd Rodgers. Inside you can check out the synopsis for the film, along with two posters for the indie project that stars Josh Pack, Joe Moore, Eva Marcus, Natalie Bolton, Sydney Fergerson. Check out the official website for more info and to see how you can audition for a role.
Every town has one. The place you warn your kids about, the place where unexplained things happen, the place that’s haunted. This east Texas town is no different. Southbrook hospital sits empty and has been that way since the riot in 1986.

With the sale of the property pending, the buyers want peace of mind. Enter Eradication, Inc. Damon (Josh Pack), Jared (Joe Moore), Rowan (Eva Marcus), Kristin (Survivor’s Natalie Bolton) and Ellie (Sydney Fergerson) are the most sought after Ghost Hunters in Texas and are about to enter Southbrook.

Is Southbrook all legend or is there a darker evil lurking in the halls.



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