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William Baldwin to Topline ‘High Midnight’



Another interesting film currently casting up is High Midnight, which is slated to be directed by Mary Lambert (Pet Semetary). Inside you can read a few more details on the plot for the vampire film, which centers on a broken-down sheriff who is forced to team up with an obsessed Victorian vampire hunter in order to stop an evil, undead force from consuming a frontier town in 1892 New Mexico. It is also revealed that William Baldwin (‘eff off, the Baldwins are awesome) will star.
“High Midnight” is about what would happen if someone like Lucy from Bram Stoker’s Dracula escaped, came to America, went to the Wild West, and opened a ranch, Lambert told MTV News. The story would take place in the same time period, but right after the Civil War, and the town where the vamp finds herself in is run by a sheriff (to be played by William Baldwin) who is a drunk. He teams up with a vampire hunter (to be played by Thomas Kretschmann) to drive the vampire, Dallinserno, off the frontier.

The female vampire is the center of the story,” Lambert said. “She’s the driving force. She’s from another country, but she looks like a young woman, in her early 30s at the oldest.” Right now, Lambert’s trying to find the right actress for the part.

I’m looking for somebody who would be ready to be fairly outrageous in her portrayal,” Lambert said. “She has to be very sensual. She needs to be sexy but powerful and not afraid to play it that way. Sometimes female actors shy away from playing someone violent, or playing a villain. I’ve had that be an issue in films I wanted to do, because society and the industry punishes you for being ugly or brutal on camera, although men are rewarded for that.


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