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Joe Dante Talks Return to Horror and ‘The Hole’ Being 3-D



It’s pretty exciting to see the director of GREMLINS, PIRANHA and THE HOWLING making a huge return to horror with The Hole, but did you know that director Joe Dante doesn’t really find much of an interest in horror films? Beyond the break you can read a portion of an interview where he talks about how he returned to horror and why he decided to shoot in 3-D.
Joe Dante talks to Screen Daily about his new feature, THE HOLE, which was funded by Bold films for approx $15m. First on the list is why he’s returning to horror.

I’ve made a lot of horror movies but generally don’t find much of interest in them because the material doesn’t appeal to me,” Dante says as he prepares to begin production in Vancouver in December. “This was different: it’s essentially a family-oriented story and I found the quality of the writing and characters to be above average.

When he read the script for The Hole, a lightbulb clicked on inside his head. “3D seems to be in the news again due to the peripatetic efforts of Jeffrey Katzenberg, so I thought this might be the time to do a 3D movie.

The story features a family who move into a new house where the children find a bottomless hole in the basement. “Of course, there’s something bad in the hole and I thought we could use 3D to enhance the telling of the story with things not so much coming at you but going away from you.

Teri Polo, Chris Massoglia and Haley Bennett will star in the film written by Mark L. Smith.


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