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Real Life: Cure Found for ‘Werewolf Boy’

It’s a slow news week, so I thought I’d share this crazy piece of news with you guys. While that BS piece of news floats around the web regarding THE WOLFMAN remake, an online paper in the UK is reporting that a real-life “werewolf boy” is losing his hair. Beyond the break you can read all about a new cure for hypertrichosis, along with a picture of one of the patients (yowsers!).

Pruthviraj Patil, 11, is one of just 50 people in the world with the rare genetic condition, called hypertrichosis.

Pruthviraj’s family have tried a range of treatments – including homeopathy, traditional Indian Ayurvedic remedies and more recently laser surgery – but none has proved successful.
Now, following a worldwide appeal to doctors to help him find a permanent cure, scientists at Columbia University, in New York, believe they might have found one – by injecting the patient with testosterone.

Their research was filmed as part of a US television documentary called ‘My Shocking Story: Real Wolf Kids’.

It followed the lives of a number of children living in Mumbai, India, including Pruthviraj, who were suffering with hypertrichosis.

The thick matted hair that covers Pruthviraj’s face has caused him to be stared at and bullied throughout his childhood, and he rarely leaves his home village in India because of the cruelty of strangers.

When Pruthviraj was born villagers told his mother she had given birth to a God. Others thought he was a supernatural creature and a bad omen because of his unique appearance.

But despite his abnormal hair growth Pruthviraj, who is from the district of Sangli, near Bombay, is healthy, sporty and popular at school.



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