Four Minutes of Australian Horror in 'Lake Mungo' - Bloody Disgusting
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Four Minutes of Australian Horror in ‘Lake Mungo’



A few weeks ago it was announced that Vertigo (The Ring) would be remaking an Australian horror pic by the name of LAKE MUNGO. We’ve been watching this little faux documentary and see some serious potential in remaking it, good find guys! If you click on over to BDTV, you can check out four minutes of Joel Anderson’s film, courtesy of cinematographer John Brawley. MUNGO tells the story of a teenager whose apparent death sets off a series of paranormal events. Frightened by what appears to be otherworldly activity, her family discovers secrets about their daughter as well as what lurks beneath Lake Mungo. The original film was shot in a sort of faux-documentary style, but the new version will be a narrative adaptation.


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