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Vault of Horror Collects the ‘Top 50 Horror Films of All Time’

Love him or hate him, you got to love Brian Solomon’s top 10 lists he delivers to B-D on a monthly basis. This weekend he brings you a massive list, a pretty important one in fact. “Just to get everyone up to speed, some days ago, HMV put out the results of their highly flawed survey of the top 50 horror movies of all time. After I replaced the lunch I had lost going over their atrocity, I set about putting into a motion a plan to retaliate with a list of my own. A list that I hoped would be representative of the opinions of those who actually love horror, and for whom the genre is a genuine passion.Click here to check out the list of the “Top 50 Horror Films of All Time”, as chosen by some of the shining lights of the online horror community. Leave some comments below, how does the list par up?



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