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‘Friday the 13th’ Sequel a Possibility?

While there are plenty of haters here on Bloody-Disgusting, our stats show that the most anticipated movie of 2009 is New Line Cinema’s Friday the 13th. While nothing is a guarantee, we’re expecting that the Platinum Dunes produced remake will put Jason Voorhees back on the top of the box office. With that said, inside you can read about the possibilities of a sequel, assuming the film performs on February 13, 2009.
No, we aren’t talking about the sequel until we see how the movie performs,” Platinum Dunes producer Brad Fuller tells Bloody-Disgusting. “We would love to do a sequel and we hope we are in a position to do a sequel, but you never want to test the ‘Movie Gods’ and the movie going audience by preparing something, until you know what you have is successful.” He continues, “With this one, we made a movie that we are all very proud of, it’s the most fun I have had on a movie. I really love it, I hope the audience responds, and we get an opportunity to make another one!

If the horror fans show up on Friday, February 13th, Jason Voorhees’ legacy just might continue on…



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