Delivery Director Preps ‘Projections’

DELIVERY director Jose Zambrano Cassella is back again with a new horror film entitled PROJECTIONS, which was announced on the film’s official MySpace. After witnessing the murders of both her mother and her sister, Laura Carpenter thought the worst part of her life was behind her. She was wrong. PROJECTIONS tells her story, a young and successful artist with a dark, traumatic past. Triggered by a series of events, Laura begins having strange dreams, pleasant at first but slowly evolving into realistic and vivid images.
What Laura does not know at first is that she is “Projecting”, she’s going through a well known and documented paranormal process called “Astral projection”, allowing her to travel any distance, to anywhere in the planet while she sleeps. Slowly, she begins to visit the crime scenes of a deranged killer. She’s there before the crimes happen, during and after. She is helpless and soon enough HE becomes aware of her presence.

What Laura doesn’t know is that HE is also a projection, bringing our story into a thrilling cat and mouse game in another dimension.

How can Laura prove what is going on if our killer is bed ridden in a hospital, comatose and to everyone else’s eyes… harmless?

Great performances, special effects, production design, mood and direction make this an exiting thrill ride into the paranormal world.

Source: MySpace