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New Podcast Episodes All Around – Listen in Now

We’ve got 3 new shows up and online now! The guys discuss Friday the 13th on BD Radio and also talk about the new documentary DVD out now ‘His Name Was Jason’… News headlines, Toy Fair and much more! Double Murder covers Let The Right One In (2007) and Martin (1977). Although 30 years apart, both tackle issues such as the need for companionship, self-delusion, and the struggle between old and new ideas. Dead Pixels covers some of the new horror games coming out like Fear 2, Resident Evil 5 and more. Stick around after the show to listen to the first ever FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE, where the boys cover Condemned. You can listen in and subscribe to ALL of these shows right on our podcasts page, or search for “Bloody Disgusting” in the iTunes music store.



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